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Building Bridges in the Separation Process

The Center for Cooperative Divorce was co-founded by Dana Schutz Keane, a family therapist, and Irving Zaroff, an attorney and family therapist. Both have been working with families and family dynamics for over 20 years. What became apparent in this work was the impact of going through a divorce has on the family. Litigation is an adversarial process and often triggers hostile and damaging responses to an already fragile system. We have found that by establishing a creative and harmonious environment conflict can be transformed into cooperative resolution. With this in mind the Center for Cooperative Divorce was conceived as a mediation alternative to court battles.

Mediation is primarily for couples who desire to minimize the costs of divorce, provide a healthy, supportive environment for their children, and create a pragmatic divorce agreement that will be sustained over time. In our approach, couples meet with us as a team. By utilizing the diverse expertise and backgrounds of two mediators, clients are offered a unique opportunity to create solutions to very difficult issues.The mediation team brings a breadth of experience and knowledge to the process. Professional and practical experience in law, accounting, taxes, business operations, and facilitating interpersonal relationships with families, parents, children, couples and individuals, are among some of the special skills offered by the mediation team.Our mediation philosophy is an extension of our work the last 16 years which included the formation of KIDSCOPE, a parent education/training program, CRYSTAL RIVER, a non-profit community mental health clinic, and the coordination and supervision of the counseling program for a local elementary school district. We help to build bridges so that couples will honor agreements rather than burn bridges which motivate ongoing battles, even after a judgment is imposed.

At the Center for Cooperative Divorce we know the divorce process is scary and overwhelming for some. Trust and confidence in the professionals you engage is important. For those reasons we encourage potential clients to give us a call and/or set up a meeting to find out if we are the right fit for you.


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